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Ball Truckin shows support for NHS and Key Workers

We are thrilled to reveal our new trailers which we have transformed to show our support to the the NHS and all Key Workers currently helping to save lives, keep the community safe and shops well-stocked.

The trailers will be used as part of our fleet of 62 vehicles, which transport goods nationwide and across Europe for companies such as Aldi and Geary’s Bakery.

Company director, Alan Ball said: “We felt it was important to do our bit to show our appreciation to everyone who is helping to save lives as part of our NHS. It has been an incredibly tough few weeks for many families and countless people are putting themselves at risk to save others. It is humbling to see the dedication and hard-work of all key workers and we hope that some of them see our message of support as the trailers travel across the country.

“We’d also like to thank Leamore Signs for helping us put the designs together and also Keltruck who are our partners for vehicle support out on the roads.”

As well as having the two new trailers designed with a big thank you message, we are also supporting the network support transport for ICD, which is assisting the UK Government and the NHS.

The first of the two newly-designed trailers has already completed its first outing to deliver bread for Aldi and is set to make a journey to Holland to collect crucial bakery ingredients for UK manufacturers.


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