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Brexit and Ball Truckin – helping to keep your goods moving

For many businesses, Brexit has caused confusion, disruption and more than a few

headaches. When the UK left the EU at the start of 2020, we all entered a transition

period that ended at the beginning this year. The 1 st January 2021 sparked a new

era, new challenges and a new trade agreement between the UK and the EU.

At Ball Truckin, we’ve been working closely with our clients to ensure that they are

able to maintain the supply and movement of goods across the channel. There have

been a number of changes to the way that we are able to transport foods between

the EU and UK and our team have been doing their utmost to make the changes as

seamless as possible.

Alan Ball, Company Director at Ball Truckin says: “Supporting our clients with every

stage of the export and import process is so important to us, which is why we have

taken the time to understand what is necessary to make transporting goods between

the EU and the UK as straightforward as possible.

“A lot of our customers rely on the links across the channel to supply their

manufacturing lines and making sure production can continue by delivering goods on

time has been a priority for all the team at Ball Truckin.”

Among the paperwork needed for all goods being imported or exported between the

UK and the EU is a customs declaration, as well as a direct representation form for

transport providers such as Ball Truckin who are transporting the goods on behalf of

their clients.

For more information about the changes, the new customs requirements or if you

require transport services, click here to contact the team.


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