The ball Truckin' story

Our story begins in 1981, when our very own director Alan, became interested in heavy plant machinery aged just 10, thanks to his uncle's specialised machinery business. Alan would sit for hours watching TV documentaries and read books, all fuelling his enthusiasm for trucks and machinery.

Upon leaving school in 1987 Alan began his working life at his uncle's company, where he went on to achieve his goal of passing his HGV Class 1 licence at age 21.

From that point there was no stopping Alan, as he embarked on his adventure in the trucking industry and within three days of passing his test, he was on his way to Europe, working for a local trucking company owned by Stuart Deeley. Over time, Alan learned all there was to know about working as a driver in the haulage industry, which was put to good use when he began working for another general haulage company ran by Steve Rowntree. 

Alan travelled all over Europe and as far afield as Russia, transporting staging for concerts and events.

From 2003, Alan had gained enough knowledge and experience to go it alone and buy his very own truck. In 2005, Alan became great friends with work colleague and SITRA CEO Nicholas Salens. Alan and Nicholas drew a contract and began work together, transporting bulk liquids from Belgium to the UK - sparking the beginning of Ball Truckin Ltd. This was also the year that Alan welcome good friend and former driver Paul, to Ball Truckin, where Paul became Alan's right hand man. The next year, Alan finally purchased his brand new dream Scania, and the contracts continued to keep coming in from huge companies including British Sugar.

Alan's sister Rosa was next to join the team in 2008, looking after the administration roles and Alan decided to specialise the company to the market of food and bakery goods. It was at this time that Ball Truckin enjoyed even more success when another huge European company decided to do business with Alan and the team.

In the years that followed, Rosa's role began focussing on the HR and wages department, whilst Alan's wife Lisa joined in 2016 to become accounts manager. The Ball Truckin' team was growing at a substantial rate and the decision was made to move the business to a bigger premises. Despite the increase in space, the company's ever-growing demand meant that two years later, further expansion was needed and a bespoke garage was built at the same site as the main offices in Atherstone. The garage now features some of the latest large vehicle maintenance tools even has its own tacograph centre!

The family-run company now consists of 7 office staff, 2 garage mechanics, 1 garage apprentice, 3 gate-house security staff, over 130 drivers and a combined fleet of 200 bespoke vehicles at present.

You may have even spotted one of Ball Truckin's vehicles out on the roads or at one of the many shows across the UK where Ball Truckin has made an appearance - including the Guild hall and the procession at the Lord Mayors show, both held in London!

Alan and Ball Truckin' also sponsor Alan's nephew, Mini 7s racing driving Connor O'brien! Connor started racing in 2016 in the Mighty Minis club and in his 2nd season he won the Championship! Connor has now progressed further and is racing in the Mini 7s now where he races all over the country and sometimes Europe too. For more information on Connor's journey and sponsorship please click here.



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